Current Featured Artist: Josef Galvez

Screaming Damselfly

After spending his formative years under conventional academic schooling in  Manila and St. Louis, Josef Galvez joined the St. Louis Alt Art group in  2015. Now free from academic convention he uses Introrealist principles  in his work. 

 As an artist he is influenced by the synergy between conscious and subconscious experiences. He describes his artistic process as "the  rebirthing of mercurial images out of dreams and imagination", bringing  them into consciousness as tangible objects of art.    

Lampedusa Mother (crux detail)

Lampedusa Mother (crux detail)

Galvez believes there is symbiosis between visual arts and the socio-political  aspects of its age. In the first two decades of the 21st century however visual arts was dominated by Modern and Postmodern tastes. Majority of artists and art institutions are yet to see in the millennial era Modern and Postmodern are the new "kitsch". For the same terms used by modernists to label 19th century art—sentimental, gaudy, mass produced—have become applicable to Modern and Postmodern styles especially Abstract Expressionism. 

The Shadow and the Mirror

Galvez is convinced 21st century art must correspond with 21st century social,  political, cultural attributes. The task of millennial artists first and  foremost is to connect with the root of social disturbances by digging deep within their subconscious realities. In this way Millennial art can truly be created out of millennial vision and ingenuity.